The company formed by a team of rubber expertise and truck and trailer spare parts expertise with expertise with experiences.

We started as a local distributor and slowly develop to become an importer in this industry. After many years of experience in this industry, we gained our trust from customers and they have confidence with us to help them to source for good quality products.

We promised to source for high quality products globally in order to support our customers. We have very strict policies in sourcing our parts and of course our rubber & spare parts expertise also play an important role in this, therefore our customer never feel disappointed in the parts quality and price when we supply for them in the local market and our customers in Southeast Asia countries.    

We highly emphasis on Customers Needs, Customers Satisfaction, Consistent Supply, After Sales Services, High Quality Products and SAFTY FIRST.

Tenming Group deal directly with the following manufacturers, our team are well known about our products with the input knowledge and training given by our manufacturer partners. We always believe that the parties that produce the parts have the best and well known knowledge on it. Besides that, any design drawing or technical data for the products that required by our customers , we will able to provide instantly without long lead time. Partner with well known manufacturer are always our PRIORITY




  • We are currently supplying to logistics such as Oil Tanker, Trailer builder companies, Container, Cement tanker and etc.
  • We work closely with end users such as logistic & transportation, service workshops & distributors on a daily basis.
  • We continuously collect customer’s feedback and provide this information directly to our supplier for product improcements.
  • We specialize in Truck & Trailer & Bus parts.
  • We provide technical supports to our customers ie relating to Claim Matter, Loading Capacity and etc.